trusii Client: Crosby Tailor


“”Ever since I started taking molecular hydrogen my workouts have been stronger, my recovery time is faster, and I actually feel hydrated for the first time. I’m also excited to see what its going to do for me in the long run because I feel less and less inflamed everyday I take it. When it comes to health and wellness, I’m most interested in anything that reduces inflammation and stress on the body, and hydrogen is doing just that.”

“I’ve tried a ton of different hydrogen products, but trusii H2 has stood out as my favorite. 
When the tablets are dissolving in water you can actually see the gas being created and know youre going to get the full benefits. The taste is pretty neutral and I feel an alertness almost immediately after consuming it.
I recommend taking 2 tablets at least twice a day to flood the body with hydrogen to boost cellular hydration. More hydration, fewer problems!”
— Crosby Tailor, Celebrity Wellness Influencer

trusii client: Guille Marquez

Guille has benefitted from our molecular hydrogen systems in a BIG way. She has stabilized her blood sugar (as a diabetic this is crucial!), improved her digestion and sleep quality, feels much more energetic, stabilized her mood, and improved her skin quality and hydration. Her hair has stopped falling out and is even growing back! Varicose vein pain has all but gone away, food cravings have gone down, and she’s started to lose weight as well. This is the power of trusii H2!

trusii client: Selina Paro

Selina felt the beneficial effects of H2 molecular hydrogen water IMMEDIATELY. She felt energized, focused, and clear-headed… and that was BEFORE she started working out! After a grueling leg day, Selina noticed increased muscular endurance during her workout and felt like she could do a whole second workout!


At work, Selina struggled a bit with focus and missing some details here in there. Her job is very number-centric, and she’s noticed her focus and quality of work has gone up TREMENDOUSLY since she started drinking trusii H2 water. Selina has also struggled with sleep for quite some time, relying on wine and/or benadryl… but since she’s been drinking the molecular hydrogen water, she doesn’t need any help to fall asleep! trusii H2 has been a tremendous natural sleep aid for her. Selina is an avid runner and has dealt with some lower back pain after her runs. But with trusii H2, he back pain is completely gone… and she’s running even further than she normally does!

trusii client: Jose Yanez

Jose’s joint pain melted away!

Working as a carpenter, Jose had so many aches and pains that they would keep him up at night. Ibuprofen and coffee went hand and hand every morning of his life…until he started drinking trusii H2 molecular hydrogen. And while he still gets pains from time to time, the pain levels have gone down tremendously… so needless to say the trusii molecular hydrogen water has been a much safer alternative to NSAIDs on a daily basis. From an energy standpoint, Jose has noticed huge differences, boosts in clear sustainable energy and a reduction in headaches… even his mood has improved tremendously!

trusii client: Roseann Maresca

Roseann has been suffering from fibromyalgia for about 2.5 years – especially with painful flares up in her shoulders and knee joints. Since she started drinking trusii H2 molecular hydrogen water, her symptoms have improved dramatically.

As a busy working mom, trusii molecular hydrogen has given her the healing power and the boost of energy to be able to handle her hectic schedule.

She’s also had recurring sciatica pain, and with trusii H2 water, it’s gone away completely!

And those are simply a few of the many benefits she’s experienced. Watch her testimonial to hear about how trusii H2 water has transformed her life!

trusii client: Erika Garcia

Erika works in law enforcement, and her sleep quality has suffered…until she started drinking trusii H2 molecular hydrogen water. Her sleep quality has improved dramatically!

From a hydration standpoint, she noticed she was getting hydrated more easily, and it improved her digestion as well.

She’s dealt with knee pain from being an athlete, and it had prevented her from squatting in the gym…but now with trusii H2 she’s doing barbell back squats with ease! Her energy, focus, and recovery during her workouts have all improved.

trusii client: Jackie Paro

Jackie has been drinking trusii H2 Molecular Hydrogen water for just about 2 months, and she’s noticed a wealth of benefits… far beyond just quenching her thirst.

Jackie has a number of health issues, the worst of which is throat pain and frequent canker sores. As soon as she started drinking the trusii molecular hydrogen water, the pain went away dramatically, and the canker sores became far less severe.

She’s also dealt with arthritis in her hips for about 20 years, which hurt so badly that she couldn’t sleep and even had to walk occasionally with a cane. And with the trusii H2 water system, Jackie is feeling great, sleeping great, and walking straight!

Jackie had chronic high blood pressure, and her doctors were confused about how to combat it. She was having to take tremendous amounts of medication, but since she started trusii H2, she’s been able to lower her medication significantly and is controlling her blood pressure!

Jackie also has diabetes, and within 3 weeks, she noticed that she didn’t need nearly as much insulin (about half) as she did before!

… and these are only a few of the many benefits she’s experienced!

trusii client: Gary Kennell

Gary has noticed a BIG boost of energy since he started drinking from his trusii H2 molecular hydrogen water system and has been staying active. He’s even experienced some weight loss, since he’s been drinking H2, because he hasn’t been hungry as much.

His consciousness is “at a level as high as energy” – in other words, he’s feeling incredibly clear-headed.

Gary is a cigarette smoker, and despite continuing his bad habit, he’s not feeling the negative effects as much… and he’s even starting to make major changes and is considering quitting in the very near future.