trusii client: Jeff Taraday

Jeff is a new dad… of twins! Needless to say, his energy level was low. He also sustained a bad low back injury and was unable to do the activities that he loved to do – running, jumping, working out etc.

When he started drinking the trusii H2 molecular hydrogen water, he immediately noticed the boost in energy and clear-headedness, which allowed him to power through his busy schedule of raising twin boys and building a business. And several weeks later, his back pain went away COMPLETELY.

Now, he’s working out intensely 5-6 times a week with absolutely NO back pain and making remarkable gains in his athletic performance… and the only thing he’s changed is adding trusii H2 Molecular Hydrogen Water to his regimen!


trusii client: Jackie Paro

Jackie has been drinking trusii H2 Molecular Hydrogen water for just about 2 months, and she’s noticed a wealth of benefits… far beyond just quenching her thirst.

Jackie has a number of health issues, the worst of which is throat pain and frequent canker sores. As soon as she started drinking the trusii molecular hydrogen water, the pain went away dramatically, and the canker sores became far less severe.

She’s also dealt with arthritis in her hips for about 20 years, which hurt so badly that she couldn’t sleep and even had to walk occasionally with a cane. And with the trusii H2 water system, Jackie is feeling great, sleeping great, and walking straight!

Jackie had chronic high blood pressure, and her doctors were confused about how to combat it. She was having to take tremendous amounts of medication, but since she started trusii H2, she’s been able to lower her medication significantly and is controlling her blood pressure!

Jackie also has diabetes, and within 3 weeks, she noticed that she didn’t need nearly as much insulin (about half) as she did before!

… and these are only a few of the many benefits she’s experienced!

trusii client: Gary Kennell

Gary has noticed a BIG boost of energy since he started drinking from his trusii H2 molecular hydrogen water system and has been staying active. He’s even experienced some weight loss, since he’s been drinking H2, because he hasn’t been hungry as much.

His consciousness is “at a level as high as energy” – in other words, he’s feeling incredibly clear-headed.

Gary is a cigarette smoker, and despite continuing his bad habit, he’s not feeling the negative effects as much… and he’s even starting to make major changes and is considering quitting in the very near future.

trusii client: Andrew Richards

Andrew was blown away when he first started drinking trusii H2 molecular hydrogen water…

As a track athlete, he’s always trying to improve on his times every moment he steps on the track… and now he’s able to push himself further than he’s ever been able to!

trusii client: Adrienne Brod

Within minutes of drinking trusii H2 molecular hydrogen water for the first time, busy mom Adrienne experienced the brain fog “lifting” from her mind… the mental clarity was amazing! Her energy levels have been more consistent throughout the day, which has helped with her busy schedule and her workouts! Her sleep has been more “solid,” and she’s been waking up feeling refreshed. Lower back pain has been plaguing her for quite some time, and in just the short time she’s been drinking trusii H2, the pain levels have gone down significantly! She’s also had some arthritic pain in her fingers that has completely gone away.

trusii client: Elizabeth Ruiz

Elizabeth noticed the intense energy and increased focus almost immediately after starting drinking¬†trusii molecular hydrogen water. She’s been battling insomnia for years, and her sleep quality and mood improved dramatically. If that weren’t enough, her chronic shoulder pain and mobility issues were solved almost immediately… she thought it was too good to be true, but now she’s a firm believer in the power of molecular hydrogen therapy!

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