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trusii client: Elizabeth Ruiz

Elizabeth noticed the intense energy and increased focus almost immediately after starting drinking trusii molecular hydrogen water. She’s been battling insomnia for years, and her sleep quality and mood improved dramatically. If that weren’t enough, her chronic shoulder pain and mobility issues were solved almost immediately… she thought it was too good to be true, but now she’s a firm believer in the power of molecular hydrogen therapy!

trusii client: Gregg Cook

I am already living a very healthy lifestyle and have dialed my sleep, nutrition and stress management in to a high degree. Since beginning to drink trusii H2 water regularly I have experienced a rather dramatic deepening of my health, mental and emotional states. Most noticeably I have enjoyed an increase in clarity, energy and the rate of my bodies recoverability from intense training sessions. I have also been enjoying a decrease in the discomfort of intense training. This includes lessening of the burning sensation in my muscles and disruption of my breathing. It is so dramatic that at first, I was kind of shocked and wondering if I was training with adequate intensity. The fact is that I was lifting as much or more and still lifting to the edge of failure.

I LOVE trusii molecular hydrogen water and recommend it to all of my clients and individuals taking my classes…oh yeah…all of my fitness industry colleagues as well.” – Gregg Cook, Daily Burn 365 trainer/Schwinn & Shockwave Master Trainer/Equinox IndoorCycling Master Trainer

trusii client HIGHLIGHTS

What if there were a breakthrough in health, wellness, and athletic performance so powerful it had the potential to transform the lives of millions? It’s here… Molecular hydrogen (H2) is an absolute game-changer for optimizing your health, healing your body, and living a vibrant life you’d never thought possible.

And at trusii, we’ve harnessed the power of molecular hydrogen like never before and developed the most powerful H2 products in existence.

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