trusii Client: Crosby Tailor


“”Ever since I started taking molecular hydrogen my workouts have been stronger, my recovery time is faster, and I actually feel hydrated for the first time. I’m also excited to see what its going to do for me in the long run because I feel less and less inflamed everyday I take it. When it comes to health and wellness, I’m most interested in anything that reduces inflammation and stress on the body, and hydrogen is doing just that.”

“I’ve tried a ton of different hydrogen products, but trusii H2 has stood out as my favorite. 
When the tablets are dissolving in water you can actually see the gas being created and know youre going to get the full benefits. The taste is pretty neutral and I feel an alertness almost immediately after consuming it.
I recommend taking 2 tablets at least twice a day to flood the body with hydrogen to boost cellular hydration. More hydration, fewer problems!”
— Crosby Tailor, Celebrity Wellness Influencer

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