trusii client: Selina Paro

Selina felt the beneficial effects of H2 molecular hydrogen water IMMEDIATELY. She felt energized, focused, and clear-headed… and that was BEFORE she started working out! After a grueling leg day, Selina noticed increased muscular endurance during her workout and felt like she could do a whole second workout!


At work, Selina struggled a bit with focus and missing some details here in there. Her job is very number-centric, and she’s noticed her focus and quality of work has gone up TREMENDOUSLY since she started drinking trusii H2 water. Selina has also struggled with sleep for quite some time, relying on wine and/or benadryl… but since she’s been drinking the molecular hydrogen water, she doesn’t need any help to fall asleep! trusii H2 has been a tremendous natural sleep aid for her. Selina is an avid runner and has dealt with some lower back pain after her runs. But with trusii H2, he back pain is completely gone… and she’s running even further than she normally does!

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