trusii client: Jeff Taraday

Jeff is a new dad… of twins! Needless to say, his energy level was low. He also sustained a bad low back injury and was unable to do the activities that he loved to do – running, jumping, working out etc.

When he started drinking the trusii H2 molecular hydrogen water, he immediately noticed the boost in energy and clear-headedness, which allowed him to power through his busy schedule of raising twin boys and building a business. And several weeks later, his back pain went away COMPLETELY.

Now, he’s working out intensely 5-6 times a week with absolutely NO back pain and making remarkable gains in his athletic performance… and the only thing he’s changed is adding trusii H2 Molecular Hydrogen Water to his regimen!


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  1. The benefits have just kept getting better and better too!!! Still no back pain! Amazing recovery! Beyond amazing mental clarity… and tons of energy!!!


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