trusii client: Jackie Paro

Jackie has been drinking trusii H2 Molecular Hydrogen water for just about 2 months, and she’s noticed a wealth of benefits… far beyond just quenching her thirst.

Jackie has a number of health issues, the worst of which is throat pain and frequent canker sores. As soon as she started drinking the trusii molecular hydrogen water, the pain went away dramatically, and the canker sores became far less severe.

She’s also dealt with arthritis in her hips for about 20 years, which hurt so badly that she couldn’t sleep and even had to walk occasionally with a cane. And with the trusii H2 water system, Jackie is feeling great, sleeping great, and walking straight!

Jackie had chronic high blood pressure, and her doctors were confused about how to combat it. She was having to take tremendous amounts of medication, but since she started trusii H2, she’s been able to lower her medication significantly and is controlling her blood pressure!

Jackie also has diabetes, and within 3 weeks, she noticed that she didn’t need nearly as much insulin (about half) as she did before!

… and these are only a few of the many benefits she’s experienced!

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