Gregg Cook trusii testimonial

trusii client: Gregg Cook

I am already living a very healthy lifestyle and have dialed my sleep, nutrition and stress management in to a high degree. Since beginning to drink trusii H2 water regularly I have experienced a rather dramatic deepening of my health, mental and emotional states. Most noticeably I have enjoyed an increase in clarity, energy and the rate of my bodies recoverability from intense training sessions. I have also been enjoying a decrease in the discomfort of intense training. This includes lessening of the burning sensation in my muscles and disruption of my breathing. It is so dramatic that at first, I was kind of shocked and wondering if I was training with adequate intensity. The fact is that I was lifting as much or more and still lifting to the edge of failure.

I LOVE trusii molecular hydrogen water and recommend it to all of my clients and individuals taking my classes…oh yeah…all of my fitness industry colleagues as well.” – Gregg Cook, Daily Burn 365 trainer/Schwinn & Shockwave Master Trainer/Equinox IndoorCycling Master Trainer

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